Sun Interference May Cause Satellite Internet Outages

Sun Fade And Satellite ISPsIt’s that time of year once again for satellite internet customers. Spring sun interference will be occurring in March of this year. Basically, the phenomenon means that the backs of satellites are being baked by the sun’s rays, which means widespread internet outages are very possible. The problem lies with the fact that the sun’s radiation overpowers all signals being emitted from the satellites in orbit.

Finding out when outages may be occurring for your area is as easy as knowing which satellite network your particular connection is on. One common example is the VSAT satellite system. Next, you will need to take note of your geographical location, as you can experience a second or extended outage where you live in addition to the teleport fade. But despite the short outages which occur up to two times per year, most of those who have satellite far prefer it over the alternative: a slow dial-up connection.

Does Technology Make Us More Organized?

With information being just a few seconds away at any given moment these days, it can be easy to turn to your smart phone app or Internet Service Providers Dallas when you need help to organize your life. And this has left many wondering what happened to the logical ways we used to use.

After all, is there an app that will group items in your home for you in such a way as to be easily found? Or can a program make your organizational decisions for you? Many say no. At the end of the day, we are still responsible for all of the decisions we make and for planning ahead.

Don’t get me wrong; there is some great organizing tech out there, like Google Calendar. But maybe we should be trying to organize things on our own instead of quickly turning to tech.