Switching Internet Providers Resulted in a Successful Online Business

Not many folks would connect the internet with making soap. Washing hands after using your grimy keyboard, perhaps, but that’s not the same thing as learning how to make the sudsy stuff. Actually, a superfast broadband connection can be your portal to learning how to do just about anything, including making soap. In fact many people have started successful cottage industries online after learning a new skill through that very same Internet connection. Case in point is a woman who has a successful online soap business after searching for something new to learn and turn into a money-making venture!

While searching for a new business opportunity as well as a way to stay home with her family, this woman decided to look online for ideas. Being a visual learner, she wanted to watch videos to learn. Unfortunately, she had a very slow Internet connection that caused the videos to buffer incessantly. She ended up regularly hanging out at a friend’s house across town to watch videos. This friend had cable with a very wide broadband Internet connection that didn’t have all the buffering problem this woman was experiencing at home. Unfortunately, however, this particular Internet provider didn’t service her home address. But, the woman dug deeper and found out that there was another provider available that would provide a much faster connection. She quickly made the switch, and using her new broadband connection, she ended up deciding that she was interested in soap-making. She asked lots of questions on online forums, read a bunch of e-books and articles, and of course, watched videos. She now makes soap from scratch, and makes quite a bit of scratch selling her popular wares! In fact, she sells to stores in about 15 states and counting!

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