Top Quality Internet Providers Can Assist You in Exploring The Hit Parade Hall Of Fame

It was thanks to John Rook and Gil Bateman that the Hit Parade Hall Of Fame was created. As a radio exec and music record exec, these two individuals are true music fans.

And along that vein, the Hit Parade Hall Of Fame awards artists special significance, as the best are chosen by music fans. Since 2007, this organization has been showcasing some of music’s most talented artists from the time period of 1950-1975.

The Hit Parade Hall Of Fame is also a unique organization because it accepts votes from all genres, instead of a single genre like the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. But artists who are nominated must meet certain criteria, including possessing at least two top 10 hits. In addition, an artist’s elegibility for being listed in the Hit Parade Hall of Fame will expire if they are not inducted after 3 consecutive years of votes from fans.

Of course, there is an induction committee involved in the process who does ultimately decide on inductees. The committee is comprised of music experts from every corner of the industry. But music fans, including fan club presidents and members remain at the heart of the Hit Parade Hall Of Fame’s mandate to put the power in the hands of music fans to decide on the best music.

For artists who have been inducted, their work is talked about and displayed on their own web page. Fans can visit the site and read artist biographies, listen to their music and access their official web sites. Indeed, this is a fantastic project; one that one may not have previously heard of, especially if they’re just beginnning to explore the world wide web.

And new explorers certainly have a lot of great internet experiences in store, with virtually everything being accessible, simply by conducting a search or typing in a web address. Movies and music are available from all over the world almost instantly.

But without an internet connection that can handle streaming video and audio, the true music fan’s experience of their most beloved artists is greatly diminished. A slow connection can result in intermittent playback and choppy video.

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