Discover the Latest Ways to Communicate Online With Clear Wireless Internet

There are many reasons that it’s now more feasible to run a business from home than it’s ever been, but no reason is quite as important as our ability to communicate inexpensively and effectively. In the past, if you were working with an international client, customer or employee, you’d rack up both expensive phone bills and expensive shipping costs. Now, thanks to advancements like Clear Wireless Internet and other reliable internet providers, we’re able to instantly pass on information to anyone, from our next door neighbor to people thousands of miles away.

Email is an important part of our communication, and we’re now able to simply attach a document that needs to be signed, an invoice that needs to be paid or a flier that needs to be reviewed. In the past this would not only have cost a prohibitive amount to ship, but it could take days or weeks for information to reach its destination. Then you have issues like lost or damaged mail and you can see that instantly emailing information is something many people now take for granted.

Of course there are times when it’s much easier and faster to talk to someone directly as opposed to exchanging dozens of emails. In this case, programs like Skype are huge money savers. All you need is a fast internet connection and a microphone and you can make international calls for literally pennies on the dollar compared to what you’d pay your long distance carrier.

There are also video chat options available from companies like Skype, which can help you put a friendly face to the person you’re talking to. Using video chat is 100% free and you can even have numerous people all involved in a group video chat. This is ideal for working with a large team from various parts of the country or world.

If you don’t feel comfortable using a web cam, or everyone on your team doesn’t have access to one, there are other online meeting options available. OpenMeeting offers a simple, streamlined way to get information to many people at once. You simply set up an account with them, set a time for your call and get a personalized number for your attendees to dial.

Once it’s time for your meeting, they follow the link provided by OpenMeeting and then call the number provided. Everyone who’s in the meeting can communicate with each other and the person who set up the meeting is able to bring up files, show documents or go through a power point demonstration while everyone watches. Questions can be asked directly over the phone or can be typed into the chat feature.

It’s always been possible to start your own business but it hasn’t always been realistic. Now, with these new technologies available, you can work with a global work force and communicate as effectively as you would if they were next door. Internet service providers in New York can help you communicate with users in New Delhi, or Paris, or London – or literally any part of the globe with access to high speed internet. Now is the time to embrace these new opportunities.